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Our Story



When it comes to cultivating your dream tattoo design, we understand this is an investment for the rest of your life and represents who you are in expressed art form. Which is why we take the time to create a quality design that you will love.

Time is precious - Once your design is created and approved, we relieve you of doing the legwork and time consuming research of finding a local or preferred shops. We act as your agent, handling the search for a capable artist to take on the job within your preferred area (currently United States).

Communication is Key - We keep the connection strong

Graphic Design Office

Do you have a great idea for a tattoo design, that will characterize your body and express your story in art form for life? 

Have an idea in your imagination of what your tattoo design could be but feel you want to leave it to our team of artists to put forth their talents to create your dream tattoo?


Dont have time or desire to do the foot work in researching the closest, most capable, talented tattoo shop/tattooist?

CURTATED DESIGNS will be the matchmaker in this dream world of design, making the connections to put your mind at ease while fullfilling your dream.

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